Is it boring with you?

24. ledna 2006 v 11:14 | Martinka
kvíz, kterej jsme dělali při anglině
1. If you had one day of holiday, would you:
A, go to the cinema with your friends
B, watch TV
C, learn
2. If it was breaktime at school, would you:
A, write homework
B, listen some CD
C, speak with your friends
3. If it was raining, would you:
A, sleep
B, do something to the school
C, call your friends
4. If your friends went shopping, would you:
A, go with them
B, go shopping alone
C, stay at home
5. If you was at disco, would you:
A, dance on every song
B, eat chips on the corner
C, dance only on your favorite songs
  1. A - 3p / B - 2p / C - 1p
  2. A - 1p / B - 2p / C - 3p
  3. A - 2p / B - 1p / C - 3p
  4. A - 3p / B - 2p / C - 1p
  5. A - 3p / B - 1p/ C - 2p
15 - 10 p: You are very good joker. It is fun with you and you have got a lot of friends, because they like you for your funny life. Good job!
9 - 5 p: Sometimes it can be boring with you, but you have some friends, because you have got charisma.
4 - 0 p: You are the worst joker on the world! Tip for you: read some cool revue for teenagers, there is a lot of jokes, news and many something else… You can talk with your friends about it and they will think, that you aren't as bad as you look…
(Nezaručuju správnost textu! :))

Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.

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